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Spring 2024: A Midsummer Yosemite Dream

Announcing our 7th Shakespeare in Yosemite production: A Midsummer Yosemite Dream!

Performed at 6:00 pm on April 25th, 2024 on the campus of UC Merced

And then at Curry Village Amphitheater

      5:00 pm on April 26th

      12:00 and 5:00 pm on April 27th

      12:00 on April 28th

All productions are free (no ticket needed)

This new production will feature loads of live music, magic and humor, and time travel between 1934 Yosemite and the present day.
Read more about the discovery in the Yosemite archives that inspired this adaptation here
Sponsored by UC Merced, the National Park Service, Visit Yosemite Madera County, Visit Yosemite Mariposa County, and Yosemite Hospitality

On Stage

Lovers and a father:

Hippolyta: Sabreena Niles [UC Merced grad student]

Theseus: Adam Washiyama Shulman 

Egeus/Max Reinhardt: German Pariagua [UC Merced alum and employee]


Hermia: Madelyn Lara [UC Merced alum]

Lysander: Mia Hinshaw [UC Merced student]

Helena: Alyssa McCabe

Demetrius: Joey Serrano [UC Merced student]



Titania: Sofia Andom [UC Merced alum]

Oberon: Tonatiuh Newbold [Yosemite Hospitality employee and former UC Merced student]

Puck: Marcy Martinez [UC Merced alum]


Western Pipistrelle (bat): Sal Lopez [UC Merced alum]

RedLeggedFrog: Nicole Agpuon [UC Merced student]

Monkeyflower: Mickey Clark [UC Merced student]

Parnassian (butterfly): Joanna Lopez [UC Merced student]

Juniper: Hayden Namgostar [UC Merced student]

Pika: Sam Brown [UC Merced student]

Lupine: Cat Flores [UC Merced alum]

Bobcat: Rose B.


Park Mechanicals:

Bottom, the Telecommunications Specialist: Ranger Marion Roubal [NPS employee]

Peter Quince, the Archeologist: Ranger Eid Broughton [NPS employee]

Flute, the Fire Captain: Ranger Steve Lyon [NPS employee]

Snout, the Shuttle Driver: Aliya Hunter [Yosemite Hospitality Employee]

Starveling, the Recreation Fee Technician: Jessie Levitt [NPS employee]

Snug, the Mountaineering School Administrator: Giselle Diaz [Yosemite Hospitality Employee]

As himself: Ranger Scott Gediman [NPS employee]


The Band:

Drums: Ranger Dave Brumbagh [NPS employee]

Guitar, Piano, others: Dave Rose

Brass, Woodwinds, Violin: BJ Humpal

Clarinet, Bass: Jackson

Sax, Percussion: Isaac

French Horn, Guitar: Diego

Flute: Aahana


Behind the scenes:

Director and Producer: Katie Brokaw [UC Merced faculty]

Music Director and Associate Director: Tonatiuh Newbold [Yosemite Hospitality]

Associate Producer and NPS liaison: Scott Gediman [NPS]

Associate Producer: Collin Lewis [UC Merced executive arts director]

Associate Director: Sedney Suarez Gordon [UC Merced graduate student]

PR: Jennyfer Aguirre and Srikar Gudipati [UC Merced students]

Stage Manager: Wayne Agbanlog [UC Merced student]

Dramaturgs and Archivists: Ranger Sam Goza [NPS employee] and Tierney Bowden [UC Merced student]

Lead Costume and Prop Designers: Garce Garnica and Mahea LaRosa [UC Merced alumni]

Set Designer: Adam Washiyama Schulman 

Design Team: Marline Acosta, Miranda Cruz, Diana Gonzalez Hernandez, Alan Molina [UC Merced students]

Sound engineer and film editing: Will Darpinian [UC Merced alum]

Videography and film editing: Will George [UC Merced alum]

Photography: Amir Shirzadibonab [UC Merced grad student]

Guest consulting director: Elizabeth Freestone