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Imogen in the Wild Film (2021)

Imogen in the Wild, our first film and an ecological adaptation of Shakespeare's Cymbeline, is available HERE.

The film was safely filmed in Spring and Summer 2021, on location in Yosemite National Park and on the campus of UC Merced. It stars professional and community actors, several UC Merced students, and Yosemite rangers. It features original music throughout, composed by UC Merced students and other cast members.

Our YouTube channel also contains individual songs and scenes from the film, and we will soon release a thoroughly subtitled version; hit subscribe for updates.

The project is co-sponsored by UC Merced, Yosemite National Park, and Misfit Press and is part of the worldwide Cymbeline in the Anthropocene project (further info here, too). Read Cymbeline in the Anthropocene's lead research Randall Martin's anlaysis of Imogen in the Wild's environmental-justice focused adaptation of Cymbeline here, and his reflections on the films original music and genre diversity here.

If you are interested in teaching the film, this page has educational resources on the film, Cymbeline, and environmental justice, as well as California State Standards information (high school).

If you'd like to make a small donation after viewing this film to help us keep making free, ecological theatre in Yosemite, please click here.



Imogen: Sofia Andom, UC Merced student 

Iachimo: Lisa Wolpe

Cymbeline: Dennis Brown

Queenie: Connie Stetson

Belarius: Lee Stetson

Leo (Posthumous): Tonatiuh Newbold, Aramark/Yosemite National Park

Cloten: Chase Brantley

Pisanio: Andrew Perez, UC Merced student

Guiderius: Amber Loper, UC Merced student   

Arviragus: Angel Nuñez, UC Merced alum

Ranger (Caius) Lucia: Jess Rivas, UC Merced alum, National Park Service

Rangers: Emily Dayhoff, Yosemite National Park

Scott Gediman, Yosemite National Park

Shelton Johnson, Yosemite National Park

Jamie Richards, Yosemite National Park

Kate Templeton, UC Merced and NPS

Celia: Rachel Rodrigues Battisti

Orlando/Young Cymbeline: Andrew Hardy, UC Merced student 

Himself: Devon Glover AKA the Sonnet Man

Imogen's Mother: Debra Ann Byrd

Young Belarius: Guy Roberts

Young Queenie: Jessica Boone

Leo's Father: Alejandro Gutiérrez, UC Merced faculty

Leo's Mother: Bristin Jones, UC Merced faculty

Young Guiderius: Rohan Boone Roberts

Young Arviragus: Landon Boone Roberts

Young Imogen: Ciara Garcia Magaña

Young Leo: Curtis McClure V

Singers: Cat Flores, Rena Johnson, UC Merced students

Additional vocals and instrumentals: Tonatiuh Newbold, Bella Camfield, Rena Johnson, Adelaide Lamont (Nicholas Koch) 

Dancer: Tawanda Chabikwa 


Artistic Director and Producer: Katie Brokaw, UC Merced faculty

Associate Director: Paul Prescott, UC Merced faculty

Production Manager and Associate Director: Billy Wolfgang, former UC Merced faculty

Adaptors: Katie Brokaw, Paul Prescott, and Billy Wolfgang and members of the cast

Associate Production Manager and Boom Mic: Angel Nuñez, UC Merced alum 

Cinematographer: Shawn Overton

Sound and Music Director: Will Darpinian, UC Merced Student

Steady Cam: Chase Brantley

Camera 2: William Serg George, UC Merced alum

Original songs by: Cat Flores, Tonatiuh Newbold, Chase Brantley, Rena Johnson

Associate Producers, Yosemite National Park: Scott Gediman and Jamie Richards

Associate Producer, UC Merced: Kim Garner

Film editing: Brandon Cooper, Will Darpinian, and Rilee Hoch, UC Merced students

Music video film editing: Abby Samuelson

Music video sound engineer: Mike Camfield

Design and Properties: Remy Sumida-Tate, Sam Flores, Noah Khal, Angelica Flores, UC Merced students; Katie Brokaw

Research associate and communications: Monica Perales, UC Merced alum

Educational Resources: Katherine Hernandez, Anooj Vadodkar, Preethi Merugumala, Abigail Raven, UC Merced students

Researchers: Randall Martin, Rebecca Salazar

Curriculum Advisor: Bella Camfield

Drone pilot: Lloyd Naval

Thank you: Merced Shakespearefest (Heike Hambley, Janell Barnes), Playhouse Merced (Beth Christensen), Fatima Burney and Aron Nussbaum, Carole Whitehill, Alejandro Gutiérrez, Jeff and Trish Gilger, Bristin Jones and the students of her "Writing to Save the Planet" Class, Spring 2021; the students of Katie Brokaw's "Shakespeare and Ecology" class, Fall 2020.