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Romeo and Juliet in Yosemite (2023)

A full film of our 2023 production of Romeo and Juliet in Yosemite is available on YouTube

Shakespeare in Yosemite returned to the Curry Village Amphitheater in 2023 for live performances of a new 90-minute adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, especially created for Yosemite National Park.

The play was transported to Yosemite and featured loads of music and family-friendly environmental messages. And this time, the lovers did not die! We reached 925 people with this production, and are so grateful to our team and audience members!


Romeo: Mox Hamright (she/they)
Maria Montague: Terri Harris (she), UC Merced
Balthasar: Sam Brown (she), UC Merced
Laurence: Dennis Lee Brown (he)
Mercutio: Tonatiuh Newbold (he), Yosemite Hospitality
Benvolio: Sal Lopez (he), UC Merced
Gregory: Alan Molina (he), UC Merced
Rosaline: Remy Sumida-Tate (they), UC Merced

Juliet: Madelyn Lara (she), UC Merced
Ricardo Capulet: Alejandro Gutiérrez (he), UC Merced
Olivia Capulet: Katie Brokaw (she), UC Merced
Tybalt: Mia Hinshaw (she), UC Merced
Nurse Elizabeth: Bethy Harmelin (she)
Paris: Andrew Hardy (he), UC Merced
Cat: Cathryn Flores (she), UC Merced

The Rangers:
Prince: Ranger Marion Roubal (she), NPS Park Ranger
Ranger Dave: Dave Brumbaugh (he), NPS Park Ranger
Ranger Scott: Scott Gediman (he), Yosemite Public Affairs Officer

Behind the Scenes:
Director, Adaptor, and Producer: Katie Brokaw (she), UC Merced
Music Director, Arranger, Composer, and Associate Director: Tonatiuh Newbold (he), Yosemite Hospitality
NPS consulting partner and Associate Producer: Ranger Scott Gediman (he), NPS
Videographer/DOP: Shawn Overton (he)
Consulting adaptor and visiting director: Theo Black (he)
Visiting director: Lisa Wolpe (she)
Costume Designers: Mahea LaRosa (she), UC Merced; Grace Garnica (she), UC Merced
Props: Remy Sumida-Tate (they), UC Merced
Sound wizard and subtitles: Will Darpinian (he), UC Merced
Social media and Photography: Darah Carrillo Vargas (she), UC Merced
TikTok and Vid: Jasmin Cruz (she), UC Merced
Cameraperson: Will Serg George (he), UC Merced

Thank You: Chancellor Juan Sanchez Muñoz, Luanna Putney, Collin Lewis, Molly Elazier, Ericka Garcia, Nancy Steele Brokaw, Kim McMillon, Asynith Palmer, Andrew Horst, Weston Spiegel, Bryan Hammill, Jenni Samuelson, Heike Hambley