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Spring 2020 Show

Love’s Labor's Lost

A Musical Comedy Based on Shakespeare’s Play
& Adapted for Yosemite National Park

For all ages and all creatures

Our 2020 show is a 90 minute musical comedy uniquely adapted for Yosemite National Park, based on Shakespeare's Love's Labor's Lost.

Two bands go on songwriting retreats in Yosemite determined to focus only on their art, and discover a world that needs their music, and their love. Join us for a celebration of nature, harmony, and connection.

What saves the Earth? Science, art, love…and a bit of Shakespeare! 


Wednesday, April 22nd: location and time TBA

Friday, April 24: School field trip show, 11 am, Curry Village

Public performance, 5 pm, Curry Village

Saturday, April 25: Public Performance, 10 am, Curry Village

Public Performance, 5 pm, Curry Village

Sunday, April 26: Public Performance, 11 am, Curry Village 
[Bus information for UC Merced students, staff, and faculty to come]

All shows are FREE. There are no tickets; just show up!

Production team for Love's Labor's Lost:



Berowne, Vocals/Lead Guitar Tonatiuh Newbold, Yosemite employee

Fernando, Vocals: Angel Nuñez, UC Merced student

Lou, Percussion/Ukulele: Juniper Sprague, community actor

Dumaine, Vocals: Andrew Hardy, UC Merced student

Nate, Vocals/Percussion: Tawanda Chabikwa, UC Merced faculty


Rosaline, Vocals/Violin: Madelyn Lara, UC Merced student

Princess, Vocals: Sofia Andom, UC Merced student

Maria, Vocals/Wind Instruments: Gillian Halkola, UC Merced student

Katharine, Vocals: Amber Loper, UC Merced student

Jackie, Vocals/Guitar: Cathryn Flores, UC Merced student

Boyet, their manager: Traci Sprague, communit actor


Costard, an intern: Alejandro Serrano, UC Merced student

Gil: Devon Glover, AKA the Sonnet Man

Ranger band: Jessica Rivas, Marion Roubal, NPS rangers and Yosemite employees

Ranger Mercade: Jamie Richards/Shelton Johnson, NPS rangers



Director and Adapter: Paul Prescott, University of Warwick faculty

Associate Director: Katherine Steele Brokaw, UC Merced faculty

Production Manager: Billy Wolfgang, University of Warwick graduate student

Associate Producer: Kim Garner, UC Merced

Research and Marketing support: Maria Nguyen-Cruz, UC Merced student

Yosemite and Curry Village support: Ashely McCombs, Jamie Richards

Design: Leslie Rios-Mendez, UC Merced student

Field trip, rehearsal, and archive support: Kate Templeton, Laura Gonzalez, Arlyn Gonzalez, Yosemite Leadership Program & UC Merced students 

Partners: UC Merced, University of Warwick, Yosemite National Park, Curry Village/Aramark 

More cast and crew info to come!